Subject Re: [firebird-support] First insert in large table takes extreme time
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> Does the 'INSERT INTO' take equally long time if you use a unique (or at
>> least selective) value in all the indexed fields which have over 100
>> million max duplicates?
> Well, I tried to insert a record with null in all nullable columns,
> which should "hit" the long duplicate chains of all indexes, so should
> be slow, right? It wasn't. In FlameRobin, after having closed all,
> including the FB service and then restarted FB service, FlameRobin,
> connect from FR, insert as the first thing. Cache should be empty at
> this point.
> So, I guess I'll have to check exactly what statement from my
> application causes this long execution time. I'm unable to reproduce it
> from FlameRobin, it seems.

Perhaps some kind of "refresh all" fetching all records, or doing a
SELECT COUNT(*) or reposition the indicator of a data-aware grid etc.
behind the scene.

If you are using Firebird 2.5, then use the Trace API to find out what
your application is exactly doing.

With regards,

Thomas Steinmaurer
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