Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Creating a view into Firebird DB: "unable to complete network request to host...
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:14 PM 16/12/2010, drjimwalsh1 wrote:
>Frankly, I don't know exactly what is being "stored" internally. My belief is that VFP must be storing the connection info, and the SQL select statement. I don't know why (or if) it is trying to write something into the Firebird database. That doesn't seem to be needed. I just want to be able to read data from the tables in the Firebird database.
>2. From interbase.log - It is not clear. Since other people were accessing Firebird before and after I did, although not while I was using it. There are Client messages reporting that IBserver.exe terminated abnormally (-1), and then Guardian messages saying that it is starting ibserver.exe. I will need to repeat the tests to see if I can track specific messages to my access.
>Any other thoughts?

If other people are accessing the database, it seems much more likely that it is they who are crashing the sockets, not you, if your application succeeds with reads and doesn't attempt to write to the database. It's quite hard to crash a Firebird server - even one that ancient! The main offender was (and still is) a buggy UDF. Clients don't really have a way to crash the server, yet we can tell it is a server crash because Guardian restarts it.