Subject RE: [firebird-support] Hello I am newbie and I really need help
Author Dunbar, Norman (Capgemini)

the first place to start is in the "doc" folder beneath where you have
installed Firebird, on Windows this will normally be c:\program

In there you will find a Quick Start Guide and some release notes. The
latter may not be useful to you just yet, but the former will be.

Your next port of call will be to where, on the
documentation area, you will find many helpful documents.

>> what I want to do is to use the ibconsole to modifie and
>> create data between 3 computers. That is all I know so far,

It will also be helpful if we had a better idea of what exactly you wish
to do. Do you wish to create a database on all three computers that you
mention, or on one of them, but have it accessible from all three? Etc.


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