Subject Re: [firebird-support] TempDirectories
Author Milan Babuskov
Rick Debay wrote:
> We mounted a tmpfs filesystem on /tmp using defaults, which means the
> max size would have been 1 GB. When we restored a 9 GB database after
> four hours we received an error that there was no more space on /tmp.
> How much temporary space should a restore take?

I believe temp space is used while building indexes, so it all depends
on the size of index and not the entire database size.

> In firebird.conf we had TempDirectories set to /tmp;/var/tmp but it
> didn't switch to /var/tmp which had plenty of room. I think I remember
> reading that multiple directories for TempDirectories doesn't work. Is
> that correct?

There was a bug regarding this, but I believe it is fixed. Which
Firebird version are you using?

Milan Babuskov

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