Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: select count in view Firebird 2.5
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:42 PM 14/12/2010, raivis83 wrote:

>> /* as emp_count */ - it's not valid syntax for CREATE VIEW so I guess it's possible nobody has tested this, amongst all the changes that have been done for views DDL.
>You are not quite right. Here is FB2.1 language reference for creating view:
>CREATE VIEW viewname [<full_column_list>]
> AS
> SELECT <column_def> [, <column_def> ...]
> FROM ...
><full_column_list> ::= (colname [, colname ...])
><column_def> ::= {source_col | expr} [[AS] colalias]
>As you can see, column_def can have aliases. There's no language reference for 2.5 so i can't tell if it has changed. But I doubt it has. Anyway I just tried removing alias and it didn't help.

Then make a Tracker ticket about it, with your examples.