Subject Re: [firebird-support] Replciation of database
Author Doug Chamberlin
On 12/11/2010 12:40 PM, Andrew Gable wrote:
> What I want to do is have ALL data that is done on the Network copy
> (replicated) to the Local drive BUT this cannot take time...

If i were to design a solution using Firebird I would
1) Have the application read/write to the local database only
2) Have another process (or thread) create another connection to the
local database as well as a connection to the remote database
3) Have the changes to the local database trigger events
4) Have the second process monitor those events and replicate changes to
the remote database asynchronously

This way the main application remains responsive to the user but changes
get replicated reasonably quickly.

Takes a bit of work, and requires the latest embedded version so that
two connections can be made to the local database, but should do the job

Cheers! Doug C.