Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Newsgroup mirror at atkins server
Author Philippe Makowski
2010/12/10 Jeff <jeff_j_dunlap@...>
> Michael, thanks for the POP3 tip. I really wish that we had a forum though. More people would become aware of Firebird due to search engine results, we'd have easier and cleaner reading, and we'd also be able to find (and link to) messages.

please do
if you think that a forum is need, if you can set it up and that the
forum can be a bidirectional replica of this list, just do it
or I should say post a proposal on general list; find people to do it,
if a sub domain and or a box is need for that, explicit your needs,
and in coordination with the admin team it could be done if someone is
ok to administrate it.

The Firebird project can only offer what it's members provide