Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird on the web
Author Milan Babuskov
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
>>> I was using this one (until my needs grew over VPS and now I use dedicated):
>> Very cheap for what they offer. Are they reliable? With such prices, I always wonder where the catch is.
> As I'm currently looking for a new provider as well (more webspace,
> support for CMS etc.), I searched a bit about Giga International and
> found this one here:

The thread is from 2006, so I can't speak about that. I had 2 VPS with
them for about 6 months during this year. Most of the time it was
working really well, but my needs have grown and I needed a dedicated
server, so I'm not using VPS anymore. Now I have one dedicated at Giga,
an another one at Hetzner (someone already gave a link to it), both work
really well, so it's all up to features/price combination that fits your

Please note that my customers are in Europe, so I needed a server that
is close and has low latency. If your customers are mostly in US or
elsewhere, you might get a much better deal renting a US server.

> Ah well, probably each hosting provider has its own con's.

Yes, I learned that the hard way. As long as you have anything short of
dedicated, you can always be affected by other users (ab)using the system.

Milan Babuskov

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