Subject Re: FB 2.5 and web application performance
Author Jeff
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith <iblist@...> wrote:
> First of all... I am not a web developer, just did some pretty small
> tests on this subject, so I have no solid experience on this...
> That said, I could say that I noticed a big speed improvement when using
> persistent connections in PHP.

Yes Alexandre, I agree that the speed improvements are huge. In my tests, the number of querries per second went way up yet the resource consumption (CPU usage) went way down!

Important question, did you do your testing with FB 2.5? Please note that my testing was done with FB 2.1x. I have not installed 2.5 yet.

> I don't know your programing language, but I think it should provide
> some similar mechanism as persistent connections on PHP, If a connection
> is kept open you will not lose the cache.

I am using C++ along with the IBPP library. There are some Firebird flags that you can set (readonly & readcommitted) that I found make your readonly connections as fast as possible.

> Super Classic and Classic server has a cache per connection, so even if
> you already have a connection the other that comes will spawn a new
> process in classic or a new thread in Super Classic, but both will have
> a new cache and memory allocation on connection, so it could be worse
> from the "latency" to connect POV.

I am reading the FB 2.5 release notes and it says "Superserver threads for each database are allotted evenly to available processors". My current server is a Quad core and I have CPU affinity set to one CPU, I think that I am going to upgrade to FB 2.5 so that I can set the CPU affinity for all 4 cores. I am guessing that Superserver is still my best option, especially since I am on a Windows server and can benefit from the shared cache.