Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird on the web
Author Kjell Rilbe
Milan Babuskov skriver:
> Kjell Rilbe wrote:
>> It would be possible to rent a dedicated server at a provider and set it
>> up for Firebird hosting. I know at least one provider that would allow a
>> client to use such a server for setting up your own hosting service.
>> I.e. a hosted host. :-)
>> If enough people have this need and get together to share such a server,
>> I'm sure pricing would be ok.
> Share? Why share when you can rent VPS for as low as 9.99 euro a month.
> In fact, I run Firebird on a few such servers.
> However, low prices usually mean bare-bones server. I believe people
> don't want to set up Apache, PHP, etc. themselves, especially if they
> are Windows users and want Linux hosting.

Right, and that's where sharing comes into the picture. It's enough that
one of the clients in the group can handle the system setup.

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