Subject OT, was Re: [firebird-support] returning_val
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:40 AM 7/12/2010, Michael Ludwig wrote:

>> I have often noted your potential value to Firebird as a
>> documenter! ;-)
>That's flattering, thanks! I could possibly make some time for
>it, why not? Doing the docs in DITA? (Seen you on the DITA list.)
>I don't know DITA yet, but I'm well versed in XSLT. Not sure if
>there's any need for that - other than fixing the page numbers,
>of course.

I wear multiple hats. Firebird isn't doing DITA - I'm doing that in another capacity.

The Firebird documentation sub-project uses DocBook, not DITA. In fact, the Blessed Paul Vinkenoog has done all the horrible, mind-boggling stuff with Docbook's equivalent of the DITA-OT. All you have to do is write content in a compatible editor and build it! PaulV has also written very good how-to docs for everything you need to get that system set up in your own sandbox. Visit this page:

and work your way around from there. You can download the docs and tools from the documentation index.