Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird on the web
Author Kjell Rilbe
Milan Babuskov skriver:
> ahmetdenize wrote:
> > i use firebird for lochal and network projects. But i want to use it
> web projets. but i can't find good hosting for this. if i use mysql or
> postgresql i can find hosting 100 usd/year. but if i use firebird i can
> find 50 usd/ mounth. what is the problem about this subject?
> It's a simple economic law of supply and demand. There are many web
> hosts that support mysql, which means more competition, which means
> lowering the prices.

Isn't it also a matter of FB's security model being less than optimal
for a multi-client web server? I don't recall the details and am to
stressed out to figure them out right now...

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