Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to configuring SuperClassic mode
Author v.pavlov
On 04/12/2010 8:15 PM, Paul Vinkenoog wrote:
> Hello Veselin,
> > I am using Gentoo, just emerged firebird 2.5 but dont know how to
> > configure superclassic mode.
> > Gentoo installer does not support such option (even the service file was
> > broken).
> > So where can I read some internal information about this. All I
> > know is that fb_smp_server must used and suppose that the guardian
> > decides which binary to exec (fbserver or fb_smp_server). It is strange
> > that I found many many info about the differences of the different modes
> > but nothing about configuring them, may it is extreemely simple !
> Sorry, this is an omission in the Quick Start Guide!
> To enable SuperClassic, first install the Classic package (well, you've
> already done that). Then go to the 'bin' subdirectory of your Firebird
> installation (the location may differ per distro), run the script
> and answer 'thread' (for multithreaded, i.e.
> SuperClassic mode) when prompted.
Thank you.

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