Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database versions
Author Jesus Garcia
2010/12/3 Paul Vinkenoog paul@...

Hello Paul, thank you for your response a have readed it several times, but
until now i have not tried the migration. My only problem is with date
fields, that now may be timestamp or date.I do not use double quotes and
reserverd words in the database, but the database has a large metadata (1000
tables, 3000 triggers and 1500 sp) and we have customers that works 24x7
with 4-15Gb databases. I can't stop them one day to migrate and i need to
change the dialect to 3.

I was thinking to change database dialect to 3, and change some domains that
i know are date to date and others that i know are datetime to timestamp.
There are other domains that hold dates a datetimes. I was thinking to
change that fields on next database updates in next months.

Is there any problem if i change timestamp field to date field?. Are both
stored internal as double precision?

The stored procedures and triggers has variables and parameters that will be
converted by default to timestamp. I think there is not problem if in one
insert for a date field i use one timestamp variable, is right?

> HTH,
> Paul Vinkenoog

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