Subject Re: [firebird-support] Controling access to tables
Author Mercea Paul
On 2010.12.02 5:18 PM, samcarleton wrote:
> We have DB data issue where data is duplicated in two tables. When the
> first table is updated, a trigger updates the second table.
> Ideally we would like to lock down the database so that the second
> table cannot be updated by the user/application. Can that be done, if
> so, now?
> It is my understanding that some DBA's like to lock users/applications
> out of the tables and do that with stored procs. Is there some way to
> setup the security such that triggers and stored procs can modify the
> table but the user/application cannot?
I use in trigger something like:

if (current_user <>'SYSDBA') then


and the sysdba is never used by any user/application


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