Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyway to extract a filename from a string
Author Milan Babuskov
SoftTech wrote:
> Inside a stored procedure I have a complete path to a file K:\Program
> Files\CollectingIT\Payout.mrg and would like to extract just the file name
> Payout.mrg.
> Is this possible?

It is. Find the last \ and then SUBSTRING from that position to the end.
From the top of the head (spath is input string):

declare p integer;
declare q integer;
q = 1;
p = -1;
while (q <= char_length(spath)) do
if (substring(spath from q for 1) = '\') then p = q;

if (p > -1) then filename = substring(spath from p+1);

Milan Babuskov

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