Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unreadable file & Firebird to MySQL data migration
Author Norman Dunbar
Evening Pierre,

> Could somebody put me on the wayYou can find the file at:
I tried.

norman@hubble: gstat -header rtff.fdb

Database "/home/norman/rtff.fdb"
Database header page information:
Flags 0
Checksum 12345
Generation 289499
Page size 1024
ODS version 10.1
Oldest transaction 289152
Oldest active 289402
Oldest snapshot 289402
Next transaction 289498
Bumped transaction 1
Sequence number 0
Next attachment ID 0
Implementation ID 16
Shadow count 0
Page buffers 0
Next header page 0
Database dialect 3
Creation date Aug 3, 2005 15:54:44
Attributes force write

Variable header data:

norman@hubble: isql rtff.fdb -user sysdba -password yeahright!

Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY000
file /data/downloads/rtff.fdb is not a valid database

Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

So it appears that the database is not valid. Possibly because it was
copied incorrectly while still in use - but I'm not sure.



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