Subject Re: [firebird-support] incremental backups, wenn the SQL Firebird is running
Author Lester Caine
Dr. Henry de Buhr wrote:
> Hello from Germany, I have a question and nobody here in Germany can
> help me. I want to do incremental backups, wenn the SQL Firebird is
> running. The manufacturer of my buckup software
> <> told me, it is important,
> that Firebird works with / supports the Microsoft VSS service

Firebird is one of the few databases that has ALWAYS supported backing up the
database while it is live and now there are additional incremental backups
available as well using nbackup. HOWEVER you do NOT want any third party backup
system getting involved, only the main database engine must manage the database
file. The backup files can be cloned once they have been created, but VSS MUST
NEVER access an active database server or corrupt data can result. Depending on
the level of security you need for your application, the live data is backed up
at regular intervals or even simply replicated to another server.

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