Subject Re: [firebird-support] Browsing for firebird servers
Author Kjell Rilbe
Woody skriver:
> From: "Martijn" <martijn@... <>>
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm creating a Firebird database for my application and I wonder if
> there
> > is something like a a browse for firebird servers available.
> >
> > I would like to have some kind of combobox with all firebird servers
> on a
> > network.
> >
> > After selecting a server I would like to have a combobox with the
> > registered databases on that server.
> >
> > I'm using Delphi XE with UIB 2.5 components and Firebird 2.5.
> >
> > Is it possible and does someone have a example?
> >
> Firebird doesn't keep any kind of database listing so this isn't possible.
> Since a server can also communicate on whichever port (besides the default
> 3050) you set it to using configuration parameters, there really isn't any
> sure-fire way of determining which computers might have a Firebird server
> running on it.

But the combo could list those on port 3050 only I suppose, by trying a
connection on that port on each computer found on the network? Perhaps
his app could be configured to try other ports too, but default to only

Furthermore, there is such a thing as aliases, in which case the server
does know about all aliased databases. Isn't this so? But I don't know
if there's any way to get a server to list its registered aliases. Is there?

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