Subject Re: [firebird-support] Encrypt tables
Author Ann W. Harrison
On 11/20/2010 8:26 PM, W O wrote:
> Do you know if Firebird provides a native way for encrypt tables or fields?
> I know there is not such thing in version 1.5 but would be very good to have
> it. Had been added to newer versions?

Firebird does not encrypt user tables or fields, nor is it likely to do
so in the future. The discussion on the architecture list is about
encrypting pages in the database and messages over the wire, each of
which is possible, but requires secure handling of passwords, a somewhat
complex and controversial question.

The reason for not encrypting tables or fields as opposed to physical
pages is that our current indexing algorithms work very badly with
strong encryption - an encryption algorithm that does not produce
stable results when encrypting the same values repeatedly. Without
indexes, the database is pretty much useless.

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