Subject Re: [firebird-support] FOR SELECT Commands to skip to the next record without any further processing of code contained between the BEGIN END markers
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Markus wrote:

> > Is there a command that will allow me to skip any further processing of code
> > contained within the BEGIN END markers and simply process the next record?
> > I cannot find my documentation on firebird.  I though maybe NEXT, SKIP, or
> > LOOP might be the command, but it is not.
> Looks like this hasn't been implemented yet:

WEll, at least we'll have it in 3.0!

> Until then you'll have to use the workaround described in the tracker item.

That workaround is good if you can determine immediately if a certain record
should be skipped. But often, the logic is more complicated.

Paul Vinkenoog