Subject Re: [firebird-support] @1 message
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> As you can see, Im new to the forum. Lately, I have been witnessing a problem which is becoming more and more frequent. I would like to say that I have already browsed for a solution but had no success and the only hint I've found about it, didnt help much.
> Anyway, my problem is the following:
> I work with both Firebird 1.5 and 2.1. Gerenally, firebird is placed at a server and several machines access it remotely, the usual situation. Some machines from some of our clients have been presenting a strange problem though. Firebird isnt returning the error messages and exceptions, instead, it returns "@1 @1 @1". This renders us and our clientes actionless as we do not know what is happening.
> This happens even at ibexpert. If you use a column that does not belong to the referenced table in a select, it is supposed to return the wrong column and the line which it is, but it returns column unknown: @1 at line: @2.
> And its kind of strange because it only happens to a small number of machines inside a network, generally, its only one. The only direction we found about this mentioned that gds32.dll from the problematic machines could be outdated. We've changed the dll to no success though.
> About the operating system and Firebird version, at start, we thought the problem was related to newer Windows versions, like Windows 7, but this week we experienced at a machine utilizing Windows XP. I cant say for sure if the problem is related to a firebird version, but i guess it is happening more on firebird 2.x.
> Well, if anyone can help us, we would appreciate. Any direction is wellcome.

A mismatched client installation especially a wrong firebird.msg file,
which does not match the server version.

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