Subject Re: [SPAM 4] Re: [firebird-support] Backup scheme?
Author Kjell Rilbe
Hannes Streicher skriver:
> Guten Tag Kjell Rilbe,
>> Is there any way I can make sure I can restore EVERYTHING that's
>> committed to the database, in case of a crash?
>> Since the database will eventually be used by our customers to place
>> orders, this could become somewhat important.
> sounds to me like you want replication

Possibly. In that case I'd like replication to a server at a different
site, which is infrastructure we don't currently have. May be an option

I guess I'm used to DBMS with transaction logs, that can recover
"completely". But if replication solves the same problem, then fine.

I guess even with transaction logs, you'll lose data if the log is lost
with the DB, unless the log is replicated to a server that's not likely
to crash at the same time.

So, in essence, if I have a RAID 1 (mirrored disks) and do nbackups with
tight increments, I should be pretty safe. Only way to be even safer is
to replicate to a different server.

So, do you have a link to replication docs at hand?

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