Subject Re: [SPAM 4] Re: [firebird-support] Backup scheme?
Author Kjell Rilbe
Vasily Vasilkov skriver:
> > For an online system with moderate number of users (maybe 100 tops) but
> > large data volmes (> 100 million records in some tables, 35+ gigabyte
> > FDB file), what would be the recommended backup scheme?
> You can try nbackup utility if you are using Firebird 2.X.
> Nbackup allow you to make incremental backups of your database, for
> example, your backup scheme may looks like:
> backup level 0 - every month
> backup level 1 - every week
> backup level 2 - every day
> backup level 3 - every hour
> Read the manual here:

Thanks! Looks useful!

Still, it doesn't make sure I can recover ALL committed transactions. It
still leaves a small window of data loss.

Is there any way I can make sure I can restore EVERYTHING that's
committed to the database, in case of a crash?

Since the database will eventually be used by our customers to place
orders, this could become somewhat important.

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