Subject Re: [firebird-support] Setting up a network server
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Andy,

> I have a quick question that may sound daft.
> How do I set up Firebird to service 5 computers? I want to have a central database server (firebird) and then my other machines (windows using the ODBC connection) would use the database
> do I have to point the ODBC link to the database file on the central server or is there another way of doing it?

- Install Firebird Server on a machine (server, desktop ...). I will
refer the machine as 'myserver'

- Open aliases.conf in the root directory of the Firebird installation
on myserver and add a line which defines an alias name for your physical
database file on myserver. E.g.:

mydatabase.fdb = c:\data\firebird\mydatabase.fdb

- Install the Firebird client (simply run the Firebird setup again,
altough with Client Tools only) and the ODBC driver on the 5 clients.

- Make sure that myserver is pingable from the clients

ping myserver

- Use myserver:mydatabase.fdb as connect string in your ODBC DSN entry
on the clients

Don't create a Windows share on myserver for the directory where the
database file is located. The clients don't need to know about that!

Well, a very short primer.


Best Regards,
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