Subject Re: why does our firebird servers process list look like this
Author crizz11
Yes it is SAP BusinessObjects Infoview. Thanks for doing the googling. But why are these connections not disapearing. After the report is run or at the very least after the person has logged out of infoview, why arent they disapearing?

--- In, "Mark Rotteveel" <Avalanche1979@...> wrote:
> > That is something that you would need to ask the InfoView support people.
> > There is a chance that this InfoView server uses a connection pool, so it
> > might simply be keeping connections in its pool for re-use for another user
> > or request.
> I did some googling, and if this is SAP BusinessObjects InfoView than it does use connection pooling, so seeing connections open is correct and intended behaviour.
> Mark
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