Subject Re: [firebird-support] Use of Firebird on Windows and Linux PCs
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:39 AM 25/10/2010, stvnsmlt1 wrote:
>Before I start the learning curve associated with Firebird and Flame Robin - can I use the same data files during the day at work on a Windows PC and at night on a Linux (Slackware) PC?

A Firebird database = 1 file (not a heap of "data files")

And, if you are talking about taking a file copy of your database file home on a USB stick and copying it onto a Windows PC...then vice versa the next day...yes, you *can* do this, provided both files were created on the same architectural platform and have an on-disk structure that can be read by the servers on both platforms. No if you have a 64-bit OS on one setup and a 32-bit OS on the other.

You can *always* port a database between incompatible platforms by taking a transportable gbak backup on one platform and restoring it on the other using a gbak restore. This is the recommended way to port between platforms in any case, even if the files *are* on compatible architecture.