Subject Re: FB2.5 How does FBClient locate firebird.conf and firebird.msg
Author wadeauch
Yes, this is one of the examples I referred to.

However, changing the DefaultInstance entry in not a satisfactory solution as other applications may and probably do use it to locate a FB installation.

The need is for an application to load a specific fbclient.dll and to have fbclient.dll use the correct msg and conf file.

The only way I have found that works is to programatically set the environment variable "FIREBIRD" using SetEnvironmentVariable to point to the folder up one level from where fbclient.dll is located.

Not setting the "FIREBIRD" environment variable causes problems if (a) it is set globally under windows to point to the wrong location or (b) DefaultInstance registry key is defined and points to the wrong location.

Having to set the environment variable "FIREBIRD" programatically to make fbclient.dll locate the correct files is simply horrible and the reason I am seeking specific documnetation on the algorithm used to determine which files to use.

--- In, Michael Ludwig <milu71@...> wrote:
> HKLM\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird Server\Instances\DefaultInstance
> Renaming the "DefaultInstance" value also helped to get rid of this
> error message:
> "can't format message 18:45 -- message system code -4"