Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error reading data from the connection when adding user
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:27 AM 2/10/2010, you wrote:
>Hello All
>Today I have experienced strange thing: when I try to add a user to the
>firebird server I get "Error reading data from the connection", but user
>was created.
>This is old FB instalation: LI-V6.3.2.18118 Firebird 2.1

18 mths old...too old. That's 18 mths of bug fixes and security vulnerability patches that you don't have. Even v.2.1.3 is more than a year old now and v.2.1.4 snapshots have been available for several months already.

>I have backuped and restored security database, but it didn't help.

This is not telling us enough. For example, some people do an upgrade and think it is OK just to file-copy their old security database.

>Any clues?

No, nothing useful provided by you. How about providing the output of gstat -h from the security database? And telling us the method you are trying to use to add/modify users? Both of these.

>Time to upgrade?

It would be a good idea to understand the difference between "upgrade" and "update". I think you should *UPDATE* your sub-release of v.2.1 because yours is so old that it is likely you are bumping into a bug that is already fixed.

"Upgrade" would mean moving to a higher VERSION of the engine and a higher On-Disk Structure (ODS), viz., in your case, from v.2.1.x to the soon-to-be-released v.2.5.

An upgrade necessarily means work, perhaps a lot. An update simply means replacement. That said, if you have done an incomplete upgrade already, say, from v.2.0.x or 1.5.x to 2.1.x, then you still have that work left to do.