Subject Re: [firebird-support] progress of a stored procedure
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
Using the .net provider, you can set the "fetch size" property of the
command object, say to "10", use "executeReader()" to create a
datareader and then update a progress bar on each 10 records delivered
by the SP (while {progressbar1.PerformStep();})
This way I can have my SPs return output params, and each 10th
"suspend" will update the client's progress bar.

Works like a charm and keeps the boss calm :)
There surely is something over in Delphi to accomplish this?

Keep in mind, anyway, that this should only be used in the "manager's
screen" of your software, because it definitely has a negative effect
on the total performance. Just sometimes the managers need to actually
"see" that something is going on and want to know how long approx. it
will be going on. You have to make a decision: you want to have them
yelling for you because "your program does not work!" or just accept
the performance penalty and show them their process is still running.


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MP> hi ,

MP> there is a way to show the  progress of a SP ?
MP> i mean in my SP there is a FOR SELECT ....
MP> and i would like to show the progress in the delphi
MP> application , i know it is not a delphi newsgroup ....

MP> i tried with :
MP> sp output parameters , generators , threads ....
MP> with no results ....

MP> thanks

MP> Mauro


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