Subject UDF problem
Author kittikira
I want to make an UDF, that does something with date.
I allready did it in Delphi, but now I need the same in C, for I want to use my database on a linux server.

I took a look at an example UDF and tried to change it to what I need, but I got a problem, when compiling it.

The compiler says:
warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size

in the line where I try to allocate memory for the ISC_QUAD

ISC_QUAD *bufquad = (ISC_QUAD *) MALLOC (sizeof(ISC_QUAD));

I also tried
ISC_QUAD *bufquad = (ISC_QUAD *) MALLOC (sizeof(ISC_QUAD) + 1);

Could anyone tell me what is the correct command to alocate the memory?