Subject Re: Firebird hanging
Author mivi71dk
> Remember that "sweep" is not the 100% equivalent to "garbage
> collection".
> Turning off automatic sweep intervals, in conjunction with how your
> client applications are probably handling transaction management (1
> per statement) and the general behaviour of them (a lot of deletes, or
> uncommitted or rolled back transactions) could even have made it worse
> for you.

We do not have a lot of deletes.
Only a few routines have a lot of deletes, and they are not being run (this I have made a entry in a log file if they do).

Uncommitted or rolled back - would they not turn up as a rather big gab between transacions?
As it is now, the gab is always falling back to 1.
Our program is made so that an hour of idle will commit all transactions, close the connection :)
Every night I see a gab of 1.