Subject Re: Firebird hanging
Author mivi71dk
> super server on a multi core? have you locked the CPU down to one?

Yes - Disabled 3 cores in BIOS.

> Why aren't you using classic?
There were a few reasons why earlier on.
Now the main reason for not to switch is that if it will hang again, we will have to kill a lot of connections.
We read somewhere on the internet that someone had a simular problem, he switched but the problem was still there.

Besides - SS should work anyway.

> Do you have the TCP connections set to limit?
This you asked earlier on.
We do not.
And when it hangs, we can still use i.e.e putty to connect to the linux server.

> Is there anything in the server log?

> There's no garbage collection going on at these hanging times?
Sweep is disabled. Its runs manually every night

> Have you monitored your ram useage? I did have a problem with 2.1.3 with a
> memory leak (fixed in 2.1.4 snapshot) where transliterations of blob fields
> in the monitoring tables was causing a memory leak and the server would
> crash and kick everyone off - not sure if exactly the same behaviour is
> displayed in linux.

When FB is running it never uses all 12 Gb.
Right now it uses around 3Gb

We can take a look next time it hangs, but I believe its not using all 12.

We have had this problem in 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and now 2.1.3.

But the server do not crash. It just stops.
A crash would be nice because this would give users an error message.
As of now they just hang.


> Alan