Subject Re: [firebird-support] Paradigm Shifts
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:19 AM 22/01/2010, you wrote:
>The attachment

John, the lists don't accept attachments.

>is a memo I wrote to myself regarding the shift of perspective from a flat file (dBase, Access, Paradox etc) background to a client/server viewpoint. It offers no help for technical questions, but, it may be of some service to anyone struggling to understand the idea of using Firebird (or any client/server db). It occurred to me at least some "new users" of Firebird might find it of value.

One option is to upload it to the list's Files section. However, it will get lost there almost immediately, just like any list reference. A much better idea is to take it to the firebird-docs list and offer it as a white paper. You can't send attachments there, either.

We had a wiki until our web infrastructure collapsed last month. If you like the idea of posting your notes to a wiki instead, you might like to wait a little, until that site is restored.