Subject Re: Problem removing UDF
Author kittikira
My ODS Version is 11.1
I allways use the latest version, for I do a backup/restore on a frequent base.

I am using newest Firebird version and newest ODS version.

So computed-field dependency detection is a problem in ODS 11.1.

--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...> wrote:
> kittikira wrote:
> > I use Firebird
> >>> Why does Firebird not tell me, that the udf is used by computed fields,
> >>> when I want to drop it?
> >>> If it is used in a stored procedure, a trigger or a view I cannot drop the
> >>> UDF. Why can I drop it when it is used by a computed field?
> I had a similar problem. Firebird version is not that important, ODS
> version is. For example, I have two databases of the same logical
> structure (SQL), but different on-disk structure (ODS). IIRC, on ODS
> 11.1 database the computed-field dependency was detected, and on 11.0
> and below it was not (of something like that).
> Check ODS version with gstat -h. If it is lower than 11.1, do a backup
> and subsequent restore.
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