Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem removing UDF
Author Martijn Tonies
>>>I just discovered the reason for the problem.
>>> I used round in some computed fields.
>>> Now I removed the computed fields and the the udf round and everything
>>> works fine.
>>> Why does Firebird not tell me, that the udf is used by computed fields,
>>> when I want to drop it?
>>> If it is used in a stored procedure, a trigger or a view I cannot drop
>>> the
>>> UDF. Why can I drop it when it is used by a computed field?
>>Missing dependency tracking issue...
> Martijn, do you have the Tracker number for it?

No, I must admit I don't know if it's in the tracker, I just thought I
remembered it being fixed somewhere... Apparently not, given that
he's using 2.1...

>>What version of Firebird are you using? It might be fixed in later
> [OP replied Firebird]
> Not reported as fixed in 2.1.3 or 2.5. If there is not already a Tracker
> ticket for it, there needs to be.

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