Subject RE: [firebird-support] Best Linux for Firebird 2.1
Author Augusto Yahoo
I already install any server using OpenSuse version 10 and 11 never giving
any problem. I don’t use yet OpenSuse 11.2 but I saw, it’s came with
Firebird in DVD installation.



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Subject: [firebird-support] Best Linux for Firebird 2.1

What is the best Linux distribution for Firebird 2.1?
I now want to start with Firebird 2.1 on Linux.
I only used it on Windows platform so long, and want to setup now a Firebird
2.1 on a linux server.
Yesterday I tried Ubuntu 9.10 Server, but could not get FB 2.1 installed.
Then I downloaded CentOS 5, but before I install it, I wanted to ask this
group, what would be the best choice.
Also a good documentation for install of FB 2.1 on a Linux Server will be


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