Subject Re: Issues with Remote Connection using FlameRobin
Author emb_blaster
--- In, "rennekon" <kennerinmd@...> wrote:
> I'm not really sure which kind of server we're working with (I'm not a server guy as much as I probably should be). The application is Labstats and is a computer usage tracker that we've installed on our public machines. All the information used by labstats is stored in a Firebird database.
> The box it's running on is running windows server 2008 and labstats uses Tomcat as its webserv... I hope that gives you more an idea of what the problem is but if not I'll do the best I can to answer additional questions.

Have you tried to connect in a not a local manner ON the server?
Like, open isql IN the server and try to connect to\databasepath\databasename.fdb
but changing: for your server ip
3050 for default port in firebird.conf
c:\databasepath\databasename.fdb your database path