Subject RE: [firebird-support] Admin tools for managing an embedded Firebird
Author Alan McDonald
> I am looking for visual tools that allow managing an EMBEDDED firebird
> database without requiring a running Firebird server. The tool should
> be
> intuitive and easy to use and support basic database operations, such
> as
> viewing the database schema and running queries.

be clear on the point that such a tool deployed with an embedded distro will
be the only connection possible while it is connected. i.e. you cannot run
an admin tool AND your distributed application at the same time. Embedded
will refuse secondary connections.

> We need a tool that we can ship and install with our application (for
> debugging purposes). This application must be free.

some trial versions of tools are available but this is not a "long term"
solution for your purpose. The free IBExpert Personal admin tool is
available. You need to contact IBExpert re license for you actually
distributing it.

Flamerobin is here

catalog of admin tools here:

> We are also looking for a tool that we can use in development.
> I would like to hear your recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Alec