Subject Re: [firebird-support] Round function
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Luis,

> Is anyway to round a value to + - 0.05?
> For example:
> For the values value 1.732288 and 0.9324. After the round, i expect the values of 1.75 and 0.95
> For the values value 1.7131 and 0.412324. After the round, i expect the values of 1.70 and 0.4

I'd say:

1: Multiply the argument by 2
2: Use ROUND() to round to the nearest multiple of 0.1
3: Divide the result by 2

You can condense this into one expression: ROUND(2*arg, 1) / 2.0

You may have to cast the result to the required decimal or numeric type.

including the note about the scale of the result.

Hope this helps,
Paul Vinkenoog

You need Firebird 2.1 or higher for this. But you can work out a similar
solution with the round() UDF in earlier versions.