Subject Re: problem with gbak
Author abhishek_dsc
Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

We are going to make changes in our program as follows (the database was already disconnected from the application during back-up/restore) : -

(i) Take the backup through gbak as follows
gbak -b -t -v -user "username" -pas "password" "Source_File_Path" "Destination_File_Path"
(ii) If an output file is generated then the back up is successful.

(i) Restore the backed up file through gbak as follows
gbak -c -v -user "username" -pas "pay21fdb" "Backedup_File" "New_File"
(ii) If output file is created successfully then replace the earlier DB with the file created in (ii).

Please let me know, apart from the 'v' switch, any other verification is recommended

Thanking you