Subject Re: [firebird-support] New user with problems with an embedded database
Author Milan Babuskov
Reinout wrote:
> connect to it with another app while the other one is using it. Is there any way of circumventing this?

First of all, please note that answers to your questions might differ
depending on which version of Firebird you are using. I'll assume it's
2.1 or older.

Only by installing a full server. However, this would require you to
change the connection string in all applications that access it.

> using triggers to update a second db

Not really possible. Triggers cannot cross database boundaries, and even
if they could, embedded server would lock out the second database file
as well. Even if you wanted to use some replication tool, it wouldn't
work as it requires its own connection.

> My second problem is accessing a db over our network. I'm not entirly sure what kind of setup I would need

You need to install the full server (SuperServer or Classic) on the
machine where the database file resides. Then access database via that

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