Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Foreign Key on 2 or more columns
Author Alan McDonald
> Big like more than 70 000 000 records.
> but anyway if you have in one table more than 95% of not usefull row
> (ie archived row) it's can not be good at all, because even if you do
> in your query WHERE ARCHIVEFLAG IS FALSE, the engine will always need
> to read all the row and remove from the result the row where
> exemple
> select * from TABLEA join .... where .... and ARCHIVEFLAG IS FALSE
> order by ....
> here not really possible to use any index on the ARCHIVEFLAG so the
> engine will need to filter it manually and that could be time intensive
> :(
> the better option is to put all the archived record in a dedicated
> archived table !
> no ?
> stephane

yeh - for 70million I'd use a separate table.
that's a few small country's worth of people there. SPAM database by any
chance? :-)