Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1 crash
Author Calin Pirtea
Hi Lester,

We ran Firebird 2 at different sites for about 3 months until we upgraded this customer. Unfortunately the changes done in the database mean it is not possible to go back to Firebird 1.5.

You are making an interesting point regarding the network. Would it be possible for Firebird to report the bug check due to the network layer misbehaving? While new clients cannot connect the existing connections are still working fine until they get the bug check and have to close. Also local host connections are refused as well, not just those using the machine IP.


Calin Pirtea

From Lester Caine


Probably totally unrelated, but I've had intermittent problems on a
couple of sites both of which turned out to be a problem with client
machines. They had developed problems with their network hardware and
were dropping connections ( 10054 errors ;) ). This should not bother
Firebird, but it was affecting other things and once the problem client
was identified and repaired the problem went away!

You mentioned that TCP/IP connection was lost, which could indicate that
it's the network layer that is getting confused by the problem client
rather than Firebird. It's probably not practical, but I might suggest
putting FB1.5 back just to cross check? Personally I handle upgrades of
this type by additional hardware, leaving the old setup in place in the
background until the new one has been running for a week or so.

Lester Caine - G8HFL

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