Subject Re: Foreign Key on 2 or more columns
Author emb_blaster
--- In, "svanderclock" <svanderclock@...> wrote:
> hmm, sorry my explanation was not clear

still not very clear...

> I have 2 table
> Contact
> Contact_archive
> where i put in contact_archive all the contact that are "archived".
> Because table contact we do some intensive select order by query and i don't want that the archived contact slow downs the process (because with them the table contact will be very very big)

the FK is where? in contact and Contact_archive? or in another table that references Contact or Contact_archive?
if it is the second, then I think you shoul accept sugestion below. (put all in one table and use a archived column).

but if is the second, just remove the FK from the third table (but leave the index)...

but, may I misunderstood something?