Subject Re: Detect all currency field in a database
Author emb_blaster
--- In, "svanderclock" <svanderclock@...> wrote:
> ok, but in this way how to know in a select result that a field is D_Currency ? i mean from the API
> the purpose is when i do
> select
> myfield
> from
> mytable
> know in the query result than myfield is of type D_Currency.
> For now i use the SQLDA.SQLType and SqlScale to know if it's NUMERIC(15,5) field or not ...
> thanks you again
> stephane

Hi stephane,

I donĀ“t know if I'm misunderstanding your goal, but may be you can try a look in FlameRobin sources...
Also, maybe you cannot take API to analyse the query result, but you can, knowing the name of the table, check its columns to know the domains.
well, I think so...