Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1 crash
Author Calin Pirtea
Hi Vlad,

The only thing they can do to it is logon to other databases. Security2.fdb is the standard firebird security2.fdb. They can also add users and modify users using Interbase Objects.

However the security2.fdb is not corrupted. As I said before if the firebird server is restarted everything resumes to normal for almost a day.


Calin Pirtea

>>As you said the issue occurs at only one customer i guess his HW or
>>SW have something which make FB work badly. As you said you changes
>>different VMs and OSes, i guess this may be HW or host OS related.
> It is not HW nor SW. The only special thing about this customer is load.
> The ~60 users using the system are really hammering it. It is the most
> active customer by far.

Ok, not HW. What they did with security2.fdb to corrupt it ?