Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Coalesce and OR condition didn't use indices... other ways?
Author Gabry Agostinelli
Hi Set!

> Well, yes, Gabry, there is one further possibility - FOR EXECUTE STATEMENT. Take
> a look at Firebird 1.5 release notes, pages 40-42 (and read the warnings).
> Generally, I recommend using COALESCE for some situations like yours, but not
> for a completely general procedure - normally you would want to have some
> conditions that are always given and that reduces the potential result set to a
> feasible number of rows and then apply COALESCE to some additional and optional
> parts of the query. If that's not possible in your situation and using IF ...
> ELSE ... is also unfeasible, then FOR EXECUTE STATEMENT may be a solution for
> you.

thank you very much, I understand the problems that EXECUTE STATEMENT can cause, but I see that for my procedure is the solution!