Subject Re: [firebird-support] Invalid Blob ID and Charset
Author Vlad Khorsun
>> > Also, since 2.1.3 is out I'm going to have to find a way around this
>> > issue. Any suggestions?
>> a) Issue only one query in transaction, or
>> b) Run select mon$sql_text from mon$statements as the first query in transaction
>> (you don't have to read blobs, just obtain its ID's)
> The work-around is not working.

Which one ? Describe all steps you made when testing.

> I think you may have hit a different bug that has the same error message.
> There are two clients. Client A is attached using NONE charset and has
> a cursor open. Client B is trying to monitor. The error shows up in
> client B *whenever* client B tries to read mon$sql_text.
> If client A attaches using *any* charset other than NONE, the error
> *does not* appear.
> The test-case you posted on the tracker works correctly for me even
> using NONE charset. That's why I believe there is more to it. Maybe
> you're testing with a current snapshot?

Of course i used current HEAD, but...

> I'm using 2.5 beta 2.

... i just disabled both patches (Adriano's and mine) and all works as i described
in tracker.

You don't need to have workaround working with 2.5. You need workaround for
2.1.3. Did you tried it ?