Subject Re: [firebird-support] TCPIP vs Piped lines
Author Gustavo

I have an application installed in a network with the following technical data:

Delphi 5 with IBX
FireBird SS
Server: Windows 2003 Server
Clients: Windows XP SP3

Using the application in the server or connecting to the server via Terminal server, everything works perfect.

Using the application in any of the client PCs of the local network, ALMOST everything works perfect. In only 3 of the tables, when the application executes a SELECT * FROM <TableName>, the application "hangs". In firebird.log I see the following:

INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

It is very strange that the problem is only with 3 of the tables of the database. And they are not the biggest or the smallest or the ones with more fields.

To access the database I was using TCPIP style. For example: SERVER:ALIASOFMYDATABASE. Following a suggestion I found, I changed this to piped lines. For example: \\SERVER\ALIASOFMYDATABASE. With this change, now ¬°it works!

I have other customers with networks similar to this one and everything works fine using TCPIP. So I guess, there has to be something that is causing this problem in this case.

Some time ago I posted this on this forum and someone suggested perhaps the problem is related with TCP/IP protocol or the antivirus. The antivirus is AVG.

I chose one of the tables with thie problem, and I made the following trying to make a SELECT * FROM <TableName>. The table has 96 fields and 253 registers.

I tried deinstalling and reinstalling TCP/IP protocol in the server and in one client PC and the problem is still there.

I deactivated the antivirus and the firewall in the server and in one client PC and the problem is still there.

I open "task manager" using Ctrl+Alt+Del in the client PC and finalize every process that was not directly related with Windows (like InCD, GoogleDesktop, etc.) and the problem is still there.

Then my question is:

Can anyone give me an idea of what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance


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